sonic river of grief (2022)
virtual participatory sonic exercise, w a t e r 
During the virtual event, An Assembly of Moth: Afghanistan One Year Later, co-organized by City Lore and AAAWA guests were invited to change their virtual backgrounds to an aquatic creature to serve as their guide. Throughout the event, a bowl of water sat next to the participants, where they tuned into each other's emotions, a river of grief. Inspired by Deep Listening and a Persian saying that translates to "the river of grief has no shore," guests were invited at the end of the event to give voice to the sounds of grief in their bodies. 
Silence, moans, low tones. Together in a sea of screens filled with sea animals, we let out a collective sigh, a sonic river of grief. 
~ درياي غم ساحل ندارد ~

Poster design by Zelikha Shoja

Still from group exercise

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clash of clouds (2021)
participatory sonic installation with found objects, lightweight textiles, bells, dried gourd, monitor,
audio recorder
Guests at Governors Island were invited to create their own score using provided objects, or with found objects from outside the gallery space responding to theme: clash of clouds.

Documentation of installation at Governors Island, NY (July 2021)